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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Republican Liberty Caucus of Missouri Hosts Hemp Association’s, Eapen Thampy

On March 16th, MO RLC held a statewide meeting in Columbia, MO. Eapen Thampy of the Missouri Hemp Association gave us an update on the promising potential of medical and agricultural hemp and related legislation in the state.

Former presidential and senate candidate Austin Petersen spoke about the rise of white national socialism in the US. He also updated us on his new upcoming radio show on KWOS in Jefferson City, and how we can work together to grow liberty and the RLC in Missouri.

The Mid-Missouri chapter is forming, and we had several visitors and signed up new members!

In the coming weeks, we will be scheduling a joint meeting with the Missouri House and Senate Conservative Caucuses. Details will be posted to the state Facebook page.

RLC of Colorado Hosts Mayoral Candidate Forum

RLC Colorado was a sponsor of the Denver Mayoral Candidate Forum on Monday March 25th.  It was a great event that had close to 250 people in attendance.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado will not be endorsing in this race, but follow us at rlcco.org for a recap of the forum.

The April meeting of the RLC of Colorado will be announced soon and Kathleen Chandler of the Independence Institute will be the speaker for that event.

Ms. Chandler will be discussing the Local Government Project and letting us know how to get involved in local boards and commissions in our communities.  These unelected positions often go unfilled, so even if you don’t have a lot of time to be involved, this is where you can have a lot of influence.  Stay tuned.

Republican Liberty Caucus Welcomes New Massachusetts State Charter

On February 28, The Massachusetts Chapter ratified its bylaws and elected its board. The executive board members are Dave Collins- Chairman, Steve Tougas, Vice Chair and acting clerk, and Steve Fruzzetti- Treasurer. The National board of directors in turn approved charter status for the chapter.
These are indeed exciting times for Massachusetts Republicans. In addition to the establishment of the new RLC state charter, the state Republican Party recently elected Jim Lyons as their new Chairman. Jim Lyons has a solid history of working with the grassroots during his time in the legislature.
We look forward to working with him to promote liberty and free market principles.

Republican Liberty Caucus Announces Support for Federal Reserve Transparency Act (H.R. 24)

The “Audit the Fed” bill has been reintroduced to both chambers of Congress in a joint effort to prevent the Federal Reserve from masking important operating information from Congress. The bill would allow the nonpartisan, independent Government Accountability Office (GOA) to conduct a complete audit of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and reserve banks within one year of passage and to report to Congress within 90 days of completion.

“The Republican Liberty Caucus believes in free markets for currency and credit, and that no institution should wield the monopoly power of the Federal Reserve,” said Nye. “We strongly support efforts to audit the Federal Reserve in the short term and advocate an end to this institution in the long term.”

“Audit the Fed” would amend section 714b of Title 31 of the US Code and give the GOA the untethered ability to audit; transactions for or with a foreign central bank, government of a foreign country, or non private international financing organization; deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy matters; transactions made under the direction of the Federal Open Market Committee; or a part of a discussion or communication among or between members of the Board and officers and employees of the Federal Reserve System related to clauses (1)-(3) of this subsection according to a report from Sen. Paul.

“The modern-day boom-bust business cycle is caused by the Federal Reserve’s arbitrary manipulation of the credit markets,” said Matt Nye, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. “In the wake of the 2008 TARP bailouts, the Federal Reserve added trillions to its balance sheet at a rate never before seen in history, while simultaneously holding interest rates at all time lows, thus causing the misallocation of trillions of dollars in capital. This misallocation of capital is commonly referred to as a ‘bubble’, and this latest bubble – the largest ever – is now one of the greatest threats to American economic prosperity we face.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus recommends strong support for H.R. 24 and S. 148 “Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2019” and recommends supporters relay their support to the sponsors of the bill.

RLC of Florida 2019 Liberty Lobby Days A Tremendous Success!

Thirty plus RLC members from all corners of Florida descended on Tallahassee March 11th and 12th for what many are describing as our best “Liberty Lobby Days” trip ever. These members enthusiastically supported our 2019 Legislative Agenda in one on one meetings with legislators from their home districts, in large group meetings with various members of the Florida House and Senate, and in House and Senate committee hearings where bills in our agenda we’re being considered. A highlight of the trip was the Monday evening legislative reception held at the James Madison Institute headquarters. The reception was well attended by members of both the House and Senate.

A special thank you to Legislative Affairs Chairman John Hallman for his efforts scheduling and coordinating this trip. Given the enthusiastic response of our members participating this year, we expect and even larger contingent for next year’s trip!

Texas Republican Liberty Caucus Holds Legislative Day in State Capitol

The RLCTX was out in full force at the Texas Capitol for its Legislative Day, Febuarauy 21, 2019. The Texas Legislature only meets every two years and is strictly adherent to a calendar and time limit, regardless what business is left unfinished. The first of three legislative events planned, included the RLCTX delegation meeting with RLCTX endorsed Representatives as well as Representatives who have bills filed and referred to committees on Civil Asset forfeiture Refom, Cannabis Reform and Property Tax Relief.

In Texas, large numbers of bills are filed at the beginning of session and then referred to committees where the bill can either be heard for public testimony and consideration of a vote to be moved forward, or never heard, in effect, killing the bill. RLCTX Chairman, Jeff LeBlanc recently testified on HB 63 which is moving small amounts of marijuana possession in Texas to a civil penalty over a criminal conviction as it currently is in Texas.

The committee then can choose to vote on the bill which moves it forward to a calendar committee which sets the bill for being heard and voted on, on the floor by all Representatives, in effect the second committee has a chance to not set the bill or schedule it so late on the calendar the clock will run out before it reaches the floor, in effect killing it. Finally the bill can pass the House, but never be taken up in the Senate, killing it. The Senate works the same with committees.

And, lastly, the Governor has veto power if it does pass both chambers. By design, it is hard to pass bills in Texas, so constant engagement and committee meetings are a must for any meaningful legislation to pass. During session the RLCTX board and our Legislative Directors are in constant contact with Representatives and Committee Members to push our bills and priorities.

New Chapters Fuel Explosive Growth for RLC Florida

Thanks to the efforts of local organizers the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida continues to lead the nation in membership. Many new county and area chapters have been added and more organizational meetings are scheduled around the state.

Since the elections ended last November a new RLC Treasure Coast area chapter was launched covering St. Lucie and Martin counties, and a new area chapter was launched covering Lake and Sumter counties. County chapters have been established in Volusia county and Seminole county. “Local leadership in these counties has been tremendous and deserves all the credit” said Bob White, RLC Florida Chairman. “A huge shout out also to our National Chairman Matt Nye and our Central Florida Regional Director John Hallman for their help in driving all this growth.”

“We’re not done by a long shot” said White. “We have organizational meetings scheduled in March and April for proposed new chapters in East Volusia County, Leon, Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Lee counties, and we have folks interested in organizing in other areas of the state as well.” If you would like to organize a chapter in your area you can contact Chairman White at rwhite345@hotmail.com. Let’s bring a new voice for liberty to your county!

Matt Heath Wins California Republican Regional Vice Chairman

At the California state Republican convention held February 22-24 in Sacramento, RLC member Matt Heath was elected Regional Vice Chairman (Northwest). Matt is one of just eight Regional Vice Chairmen in California, the largest Republican state party with over 5 million registered voters.

By virtue of his election, Matt now also serves on the Board of Directors of the California Republican Party

Matt is a longtime liberty champion who worked on Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns, chaired the state chapter of the Campaign for Liberty and is a former chairman of the RLC California (RLCCA). He is by far the most successful liberty activist in California Republican politics. Way to go Matt!!

Are You Interested in Joining a Committee for the RLC?

The committees of the Republican Liberty Caucus are the backbone of our organization. People from all over the country with specialized skills in many areas come together to keep the RLC moving forward and successful. However, we are always looking for a new perspective from our members. Committee volunteers are needed all year round.

Republican Liberty Caucus Committees include:

Candidate Committee
This committee tracks our current legislators in Washington, DC to evaluate how the align with the RLC ideals and principles. The Candidate Committee is also tasked with finding candidates throughout the country that align with the RLC principles and all RLC endorsements.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee handles all communications for the RLC. This would include social media volunteers, article writers for the newsletter and website, website management, press release writing and email creation.

Convention Committee
This committee overseas and organizes the bi-annual National Republican Liberty Caucus Convention. Members could be tasked with volunteer coordination at the convention, tasks during the convention operation and planning.

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee looks for new opportunities or events that would help bring in donations for the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Membership Committee
This Committee Implements new ideas for membership growth and management of the RLC database.

If you feel you have skills to help any of our committees, please contact the Operations Director, Danielle Snitker at Danielle@RLC.org

RLC State Charters are Re-Organizing All Over the Country

2018 was a great year for the Republican Liberty Caucus. A flurry of new activity saw states all over the country reorganizing and building. States like South Carolina and Ohio held largely successful conventions bringing in new members and leadership while other states like Missouri and Louisiana who had become less active reorganized.

Our membership and supporters have grown to over 30,000 strong and 2019 is already beginning with new organizational meetings to keep building on the momentum of the past year.

This month organizational meetings will be held for 4 states:

The RLC of Kansas will be held on January 8th

The RLC of Nevada will be held on January 10th

The RLC of Massachusetts will be held on January 16th

The RLC of Arkansas will be held on January 17th

This is only the beginning with many more states looking to expand. These meetings will be held by the Republican Liberty Caucus’ national executive director, Alex Snitker and will go over information on how the National Republican Liberty Caucus can help our state charters be successful. These organizational meetings helped many of our states become not only more active but hold incredible influence on the political landscape in their states.

If you would like more information on how to help reorganize the charter in your state contact Alex@RLC.org