Encouraged by the positive feedback from the 2019 Liberty Scorecard, the RLC of Colorado will be expanding the number of bills reviewed and compiling more comprehensive results for the 2020 Liberty Scorecard.

The Liberty Scorecard is closely modeled after Principles of Liberty’s State Legislator Ratings from 2011 – 2018.  A committee reviews bills that are going through the State Legislature on a weekly basis, then assigns a “support” or “oppose” rating based on the principles of personal liberty, free markets and limited government.  Ratings are then compared with each legislator’s vote on those bills and results are compiled at the end of the legislative session. Grades are assigned to each member of the Colorado Legislature.

“When Principles of Liberty’s founders Rich & Laurie Bratten moved out of state, they certainly left a void. Other than the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT), no one was measuring how our elected officials were voting on bills based on conservative ideals. While CUT measures fiscal responsibility, the Liberty Scorecard is more comprehensive and measures votes based on the principles of personal liberty, free enterprise and limited government. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado was always aligned with POL’s vision, so continuing their work was a natural fit for us,” said RLCCO State Chair Sue Moore.

Organizational meetings will begin in late September.  Dates and locations will be posted to the website rlcco.organd facebook page www.facebook.com/rlcco/.  If you are interested in joining this effort, please contact Sue Moore at 303-349-6185 or suemoore303@gmail.com.


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