The Republican Liberty Caucus held it’s Biennial Convention over the weekend of May 17th-18th in Redondo Beach California. At the convention the elections for the RLC National Board were held.

We would like to welcome or new board members and returning board members. We look forward to their leadership for this new term.

Elections Results

Chair: Matt Nye (Returning)

Vice Chair: John Dennis (Former Secretary)

Secretary: Col. Rob Maness (New)

Treasurer: Jeff Larson (Returning)

At-Large 1: Luis Vargas (Former Regional Director)

At-Large 2: Dave Nalle (Returning)

At-Large 3: Adiel Mora (New)

Atlantic Regional Director: Robert Kenyon (New)

Southwest Regional Director: Melissa Hamilton (Returning)

South Central Regional Director: Lee Neher (Returning)

Northeast Regional Director: Russ Hryzan (Returning)

Great Plains Regional Director: Camelia Plosser (New)

Southeast Regional Director: Erik Wilson (Returning)

Central Regional Director: Zavior Bicott (Returning)

Northwest Regional Director: Cornel Rassor (Returning)


  1. I live in Spokane, WA and helped in the Cathy McMorris headquarters for the last election. I am a strong patriot and want to get more involved as I know how important it is to keep President Trump And get rid of our Washington Governor, Inslee


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