Tomorrow is the Iowa Caucus. The final Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll released before caucus day showed Trump in the lead, Cruz following, Rubio third, Carson in fourth and Rand Paul alone in fifth. Previous Iowa primary winners and false conservative prophets, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, are only to be found pandering to the coattails of Mr. Trump. Mitt Romney is probably eating lunch somewhere by himself today, reminiscing aloud about how he almost made it. But what about Ron Paul? Was he not the eventual Iowa caucus victor?

For four years, liberty Republicans around America have been yearning to put their voice to a vote and reaffirm our place as a win or lose bloc in the Republican Party. Without the liberty vote, the GOP nominee will never be able to grow and win in a general election – we proved that twice when John McCain and Mitt Romney both lost to Barack Obama. Today, former RLC Chairman Ron Paul will be in Iowa campaigning with his son Rand. The father and son duo will headline a rally at the University of Iowa at 8pm eastern standard time which will also be livestreamed via Periscope. Coming off of a very strong debate win on Thursday, this may just be the momentum Rand needs to win on February 1st.

If we truly want to reverse the effects of socialism and crony capitalism that have infected our democracy, if we truly believe in halting executive overreach, we must nominate a candidate that embodies frugality, respect, justice and liberty for all. From former IRS commissioners, moderates, war hawks to Bushes; the Washington machine has put worth an array of clowns, mirages and fools to entertain the public with the idea that maybe sacrificing bits and pieces of liberty in exchange for more security is ok after all. Do not be tricked into supporting one of these candidates, they do NOT stand for the principles of the Republican Party, nor do they stand by the principles of laisse-faire capitalism and liberty.

This is why we’re urging all of our members in Iowa who voted and caucused for our former presidential endorsee Ron Paul to now support the candidate we endorsed weeks ago, Rand Paul. In fact, Ron Paul has personally endorsed Rand as well.

As a surgical ophthalmologist, Dr. Rand Paul has been healing the blind at his practice in Kentucky since 2007 and internationally by giving free pro bono eye surgeries to the poor. Since he was elected in 2010 to the U.S. Senate he has retained a near perfect record of attendance and a principled voting history which can be attested by the likes of FreedomWorks, the Cato Institute and the American Conservative Union. He has been the winner of our straw poll in both 2013, and 2015, the past three CPAC straw polls and is the only candidate who will believes that we need to bring our troops, who have been stationed in the Middle East for the past thirteen years, home at last.

We cannot afford to elect another losing candidate in the general election, please show up to your precinct tomorrow to caucus and vote for Rand because our liberty depends on it. No other candidate is capable of beating Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election and growing the Republican Party. Vote for Rand Paul