WASHINGTON, DC – The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is proud to announce the endorsement of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) for the Republican presidential nomination. In a crowded field of candidates, most of whom show little genuine commitment to individual liberty, cutting spending or reducing the size of government, Senator Paul stands out as a consistent champion of the values of the Republican Liberty Caucus: limited government, free enterprise and personal liberty.

An RLC presidential endorsement requires a candidate to secure a two-thirds vote of the RLC state charters. Only a few presidential candidates have earned this honor in the 25 year history of the organization. While Rand Paul won the straw poll in New Hampshire at the RLC National Convention last October, the formal endorsement is the product of a more involved and controlled process engaging directly with RLC state charters and members.

“The RLC is a 100% grassroots, bottom up organization, and this endorsement indicates Senator Paul is the candidate of choice among our state charters and membership at large,” said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “Senator Paul has been a consistent favorite with our members since he announced his candidacy, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to formally endorse him.”

Senator Paul has been one of the strongest voices for liberty in the Senate, and has consistently opposed government abuse and the trampling of individual rights under the Obama administration. Paul has led on efforts for sentencing reform, to audit the Federal Reserve, to protect the Bill of Rights and to control spending. A President Paul would be the standard bearer for the GOP on issues like these on the national stage.

“The Republican Party is changing and we need dynamic new leaders like Paul to end the divisive rhetoric and dangerous policies being promoted by other candidates,” said RLC National Vice Chairman Dave Nalle. “Paul has motivated unprecedented numbers of student activists and successfully reached out to minorities. There is a war on for the future of the Republican Party, and Paul represents the faction which must win if the Party is going to grow and represent positive values Republicans can be proud of.”

A major goal of the Republican Liberty Caucus is to expand the number of Senators and Representatives who are dedicated to the principles of small government, free enterprise and individual liberty. With Rand Paul at the top of the Republican ticket and a great field of liberty candidates, a repeat of the 2010 and 2014 elections which gave the Republicans control of both the House and the Senate is possible.

“With proven leaders like Rand Paul we can bring our government back to the values of the founders,” Nye said. “The liberty and prosperity of American citizens will once again be at the top of the national agenda, rather than an afterthought, as is so often the case now.”


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