Today is primary day in Missouri. Voters are hitting the polls to decide who will be the Republican nominee and take on incumbent Claire McCaskill in November. The people have two clear choices, to nominate a ladder-climbing and philosophically illiterate politician like Josh Hawley, or a principled and seasoned grassroots leader like Austin Petersen.

Austin has blue collar roots and has amassed just the right amount of political, business and life experience needed to work as a legislator. He was born and raised on a small farm in Peculiar and eventually graduated from Missouri State University. Prior to running for office, he worked as a producer on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show Freedomwatch on Fox (which is returning to TV soon after six long years) and assisted on both of Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns. He’s worked with distinguished groups such as Freedomworks and the Atlas Network, founded the Libertarian Republic, Liberty Viral and owns a consulting business.

Petersen is a trailblazer. Instead of wondering who will watch the watchmen, he ran for President as a Libertarian at the age of 35 and finished handily in front of multi-millionaire John McAfee and veteran LP activist Darryl Perry but ultimately behind Governor Gary Johnson.

Like Milton Friedman once said, “I am a libertarian with a small ‘l’ and a Republican with a capital ‘R’. And I am a Republican with a capital ‘R’ on grounds of expediency, not on principle.” After the 2016 election, Petersen joined the GOP.

Senators don’t just write laws, they are elected to represent citizens statewide – which means people from every walk of life. They alone vote to confirm the appointments of U.S. Supreme Court justices, cabinet secretaries, ambassadors and more. The reason their terms of office are so long is so they can act more independently of the lower chamber of Congress and the Executive branch.

Though determination is a big factor, one of the main reasons Rand Paul has been successful in advancing liberty is due to the powers invested into the office itself. Seeing the difference just one Senator can make in Rand further proves why it is so necessary to send him reinforcements like Austin.

There are few who are willing and unafraid to articulate every policy position like Petersen has and even fewer who are willing to stick to their principles when put to the test. Unless people show a tireless commitment to defending and advocating for their beliefs, our beliefs are meaningless.

Every state has different rules and laws regarding primary elections, but Missouri has an open primary system. This means that as long as you are registered to vote in the state of Missouri, you can vote in the Republican primary if you ask for a Republican ballot when you go to cast your ballot.

Too many politicians go to Washington claiming they’ll take out the trash but end up bringing home the government bacon instead. If you live in Missouri and are registered to vote, have already voted or know someone in the state, please stop what you’re doing and tell them to get out and vote for Austin today, our future depends on it.


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