On October 1, the congressional deadline to prevent the IRS from trampling over the free-speech rights of nonprofits will expire. In early August, the Tax Revolution Institute (TRI) — a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes “justice and integrity in the tax system” — launched the First Amendment Alliance (1AA): a nonpartisan effort to protect the free-speech rights of nonprofits. The Alliance now has over 50 groups that represent every segment of the political spectrum and civil society. The 1AA’s mission is to prevent the IRS from implementing Regulation 134417–13, otherwise known as the IRS “muzzle rule.”

Some of the organizations that currently form the 1AA include: Ax the Tax, Blue Republican, Christian Party of America, Christian Party of North Carolina, Citizens In Charge, Coffee Party USA, Common Ground Movement, Fight for the Future, Free the People, Legal Immigrants for America, Liberty Guard, Liberty Initiative Fund, Liberty Justice Center, Move to Amend, Muslims For Liberty, National Association of Parents, Our America Initiative, Parents Teachers and Advocates, Patriot Coalition, People Against the NDAA, Popular Resistance, Put Growth First, Restore the Fourth, Taxpayer Education Foundation, Taxpayers United of America, and many more. See the full list at 1stAA.org

In November 2015, Congress intervened to defund the IRS from taking action on this new rule, but those protections are set to expire on October 1 of this year. TRI has previously called on concerned citizens and organizations affected by this rule to act now by joining the First Amendment Alliance and taking the fight back to Congress.

“The IRS disregards the rights of citizens, businesses and non-profits on a daily basis,” said RLC Chairman Matt Nye. “The Republican Liberty Caucus is gladly joining the First Amendment Alliance to lead the fight against crony bureaucrats who threaten our most important freedom. We will always stand to protect the First Amendment, and ask other non-profits to join the 1st Amendment Alliance to stop this abridgment.”

Learn more at www.1stAA.org or watch their video https://youtu.be/vdGikMfuI8Q


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