MURFREESBORO, TN – The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is pleased to announce the endorsement of Steve Lane for United States House Tennessee’s Fourth District. Lane is a veteran of the US Air Force with a background in residential construction. He currently teaches building instruction at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Nashville.

“Steve Lane is the clear choice for Tennessee voters to serve them in the United States House,” said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “Tennesseans will find comfort in his solid, no-nonsense approach to government, and his experience as a teacher makes him uniquely qualified to tackle issues of federal over reach like Common Core.”

Lane’s background in construction taught him how important it is to have a solid foundation from which to work, no matter what the project. As a teacher, Lane has taken an active role in helping his students achieve greater personal and economic potential. As a father, Lane knows the best way to strengthen our Nation is to revive founding values like hard work, personal responsibility, and fellowship.

“Lane represents the quintessential American values that make this country great,” Nye said. “We need members in Congress who will stand up to the professional politicians and against the out of control spending, and as a citizen legislator that has never held office before, Lane possesses the qualities necessary to do just that.”

Steve is a dad to six children and lives with his wife, Kaloni, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

You can learn more about Lane’s campaign at the following:
Twitter: @LaneForTN

Contact: Matthew Kypta, Campaign Manager
Phone: 615-768-9727


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