The Republican Liberty Caucus has unanimously endorsed Bruce Poliquin in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District GOP primary.

“It is time that the career professional politicians more interested in being Washington insiders step aside for new voices who will represent the people who want smaller government, lower taxes and less interference from government in the conduct of their family affairs and their personal lives,” said RLC National Chair Matt Nye. “Our Board members from all parts of the nation found Bruce Poliquin to be a refreshing change from the political status quo.”

Nye said the RLC National Board conducts an exhaustive review before bestowing its endorsement and found Poliquin to be best candidate for Federal office in Maine.

“We are delighted that the RLC National Board saw the qualities in Bruce Poliquin that our state chapter members did when they overwhelmingly voted to recommend the endorsement,” said Maine RLC State Chair Vic Berardelli of Newburgh.
Berardelli said the Maine RLC supplied the National Board with documentation of Poliquin’s efforts on behalf of taxpayers which demonstrated his commitment to smaller government, reduced taxes and increased individual liberties.

“Bruce Poliquin will be a strong voice for taxpayers in Washington. He is not afraid to stand up to bureaucrats and federal agencies, as he proved when he rooted out cronyism at the Maine Housing Authority, and enacted ongoing savings without hurting the delivery of services to those in need. And as State Treasurer he tackled the state debt and introduced sound fiscal reforms, which gives him the background to offer solutions to the $17.5-trillion federal debt which saddles every infant with an I.O.U. to the federal government from the time of birth,” Berardelli said.

Nye, the National RLC Chair, explained the lengthy process to win endorsement, which starts with a recommendation vote from the candidate’s home state chapter. A national Endorsement Committee then reviews the candidate’s response to a series of questions related to the RLC Statement of Principles and investigates the candidate’s performance in prior offices and public statements. If the candidate passes that test, the RLC Board takes the final endorsement vote.


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