Melbourne, FL – The Republican Liberty Caucus is proud to endorse Nick Polce for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Polce is a husband, father, businessmen, and former US Army Green Beret Combat Veteran. He has said in previous interviews that he feels that he’s “a part of the larger freedom movement that is looking to bring the voice of the American people back to Washington D.C.” Polce is motivated to run because of the birth of his son, the current & future state of country, and his experience dealing with regulation and government overreach.

His major concern is government spending. He spoke out against the $1.3 Trillion Dollar Omnibus Bill when it passed and stated that the national debt was not only irresponsible it was a security issue. The Republican Liberty Caucus agrees with Polce’s assessments on government regulations, overreach, and spending and we encourage all Republicans to help elect Nick Polce.


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