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The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio (RLCOH) announces plans to unveil the first liberty index of all sitting Ohio legislators. In addition, GOP candidates will be surveyed and potentially endorsed by the RLCOH, a state charter of the National Republican Liberty Caucus.

“We’re filling a significant void in Ohio politics,” says RLCOH Chair, Bill Yarbrough. “In elections, there’s no way to objectively weigh two Republicans facing‐off against each other. And, for all legislators, regardless of party, there is no comprehensive performance tool for voters concerned about liberty issues. It all changes this November.”

The media and all liberty‐minded Ohioans are invited to Williams on the Lake, 787 Lafayette Rd in Medina, Ohio, on November 14th at 11:00 AM or via a live stream from to hear about these tools first hand. Representative Tom Brinkman, Senator Kris Jordan and former Ohio legislator and current Congressional candidate Matt Lynch will share their thoughts around Ohio liberty issues.

‐ expanding the personal liberty of Ohioans

‐ limiting the size and scope of government in Ohio

‐ decreasing the tax and regulatory burden on Ohio individuals and businesses

‐ empowering local communities through decentralized Ohio government

‐ championing transparency and accountability of all Ohio government functions

Live attendees and those participating over the web will be able to ask questions of RLCOH leadership and the guest speakers during a panel discussion over the course of this fast‐paced event.


— Contact: Mathew Erickson Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio PO Box 486 New Albany, OH 43054 Phone (614) 962-6062 Email:


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