In July of this year individuals on the National board that were eligible under RLC bylaws to seek the offices of Chairman and Vice Chairman were asked to declare their intentions so we could properly allocate time and resources at the convention for the business meeting and officer elections.

National Chairman Matt Nye announced he would be seeking re-election as Chairman, and National Vice Chairman Ed Lopez announced he would be seeking re-election as Vice Chairman. You can review the meeting minutes here.

This week Vice Chairman Lopez announced to the National Board on our monthly board call that he had been reflecting on his participation within the RLC and had decided to run for Chairman. With less than a month to go to convention, Vice Chairman Lopez announced not just his candidacy, but an entire slate of prospective Officers and Board Members which you can find here.

Because we are a 100% grassroots organization and elections are one of the primary reasons our members attend our biennial convention, I thought it important to make the membership aware of this important development.

If you haven’t yet made arrangements to attend convention, and want to have a say in the direction and leadership of the RLC, I encourage you to register here today. The business meeting begins at 8am on Friday, October 9th. I hope we’ll see you there!


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