Matt Nye, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) was interviewed by Ben Swann recently about the state of the media, the Republican Party, and why the RLC is supporting Ben’s Truth in Media Project.

“An unbiased media is absolutely crucial to the success of the liberty movement, and that is something we just don’t have right now,” RLC Chairman Matt Nye said in a statement Friday. “As one of the few journalists that covered the rules changes at the Republican Party National Convention last year, Ben has shown he has the talent and drive to get the truth out on stories others would prefer to see ignored.”

“The RLC is proud to support Ben’s Truth in Media Project, and we look forward to great things from Ben in the future,” Nye said. “We encourage everyone to donate to Ben’s KickStarter campaign, so the liberty movement is assured a fair shake in the new age of digital media.”


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