EAST LANSING, MI- Today the Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce the endorsement of Tom McMillin for Congress in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District. McMillin has served in the Michigan House of Representatives since 2008 and has a lengthy record of voting for fiscal responsibility and the preservation of individual Liberty.

Dennis Marburger, Michigan Republican and RLC Michigan board member said, “State Representative Tom McMillin has consistently fought for liberty in the Michigan Legislature, even when he was alone in his own party. He has led the fight against asset forfeiture,
NSA warrantless spying, NDAA indefinite detention, Common Core, Obamacare and fiscal recklessness. The good people of Michigan’s Eight District deserve a Defender of Liberty and oath keeper as a change of pace after all these years.”

Currently McMillian serves as Chair of the Oversight Committee in the Michigan House of Representatives. In addition to his outstanding work in that capacity, he also is an active member of the Education, Regulatory Reform and Financial Liability Reform committees.

“Tom McMillin is an outstanding candidate for Congress,” said RLC Chairman Matt Nye. “He has proven himself many times over to be a loyal defender of Liberty in the Michigan House. Residents of Michigan’s 8th Congressional District can vote for Tom with confidence. They know they have a statesman they can depend on to always work for them.”

McMillin earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics from the University of Michigan. He is a certified public accountant with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to tackle our complex budget, tax and national debt issues.


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