WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is pleased to announce the endorsement of Mike Smigiel for Maryland’s First District seat in the House of Representatives. The RLC is the oldest continuously operating organization with the liberty Republican movement, and Smigiel’s endorsement is the first for the group for the 2016 election cycle.

“Mike Smigiel has repeatedly and consistently demonstrated an unwaivering commitment to our Constitution,” said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “His dedication to individual liberty and limited government coupled with the tenacity he demonstrated during his tenure in the Maryland House of Delegates make Mike an ideal candidate for the RLC endorsement.”

During his 12 years in the Maryland House of Delegates, Smigiel worked successfully to strengthen Fourth Amendment protections in the state. Other notable legislative accomplishments include passing a marijuana decriminalization bill and increasing protections against child sexual predators.

Mike Smigiel is an attorney and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. He makes his home in Chesapeake City.


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