ROYAL OAK, MI – Today the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is happy to announce the endorsement of George Brikho for Michigan’s 9th Congressional District. Brikho seeks to reign in bloated government spending, ease onerous regulations and restore essential liberty to citizens.

“George Brikho shares our core principles,” said RLC Chairman Matt Nye. “He is committed to limiting the size and scope of government. George shares our frustration with federal government run amok. He understands we must reform taxes and free markets in order to achieve prosperity for all Americans.”

In addition to economic issues, Brikho focuses heavily on civil liberty issues. He is an outspoken privacy advocate and a strong supporter of the rights of law-abiding Americans to bear arms, issues of critical importance to all voters.

“George Brikho loves Liberty, America, his family and his neighbors. That’s what motivates him to challenge political oligarch Sander Levin, the multi-decade incumbent congressman for Michigan’s Ninth District. George understands how and why the incumbent’s voting record and collaboration with the politically powerful special interests have hurt the ordinary people in Michigan,” explained RLC-MI Board member George Marburger.

The married father of three is a small business owner. For more information about the candidate visit


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