RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – The Republican Liberty Caucus has endorsed Igor Birman in his campaign to represent California’s 7th Congressional District. Birman has served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Tom McClintock, and he is running for Congress in order to preserve the blessings of freedom for future generations. As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, Birman has seen first-hand how precious America’s freedom is.

Birman is running on a platform of smaller government, in order to set America’s entrepreneurs free to bring back jobs and prosperity. If elected, Birman promises to work to cut taxes, reform entitlement programs, cut wasteful spending, and repeal Obamacare and replace it with a patient-centered systems based on freedom of choice.

Igor Birman welcomes the RLC’s endorsement: “As a strong supporter of limited government and freedom, I’m proud to be endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus. I admire their tireless efforts to restore the federal government to its proper constitutional role and look forward to working closely with them on this campaign. Their support will be key to our success.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus urges our members to visit Birman’s website (igorbirman.com) and offer him your support.


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