Group will focus on voter education and issue advocacy related to individual rights, limited government and voluntary, cooperative markets.

(Madison, WI) – Wisconsin has a newly approved charter of the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC-WI). The charter, accepted on May 24, makes Wisconsin one of over 30 official state charters of the national organization. Official recognition of the RLC-WI gives state activists a stronger voice in the national liberty movement. It also provides an opportunity to send delegates to the upcoming national RLC convention in October and to participate fully in any presidential endorsement votes.

“With presidential hopeful Scott Walker coming from the state of Wisconsin, I think it is very important the activists within the liberty movement there have a unified voice,” said RLC National Chair Matt Nye. “We in the RLC, and other voters around the country, need to hear what they have to say about their Governor and his record on liberty issues.”

State charters have their own bylaws and boards and the ability to endorse candidates up to and including the state level. Federal candidates, however, must be recommended to the RLC National Board for endorsement.

“The RLC can endorse presidential candidates, but it requires a 2/3 majority of the state charters,” Nye said. “Now that Wisconsin is an officially recognized RLC charter, they have a voice in this process.”

One of the RLC-WI’s first major projects will be the development of a legislative scorecard that identifies key votes and scores Wisconsin’s elected officials based on their actions. The project aligns closely to the new charter’s focus on issues-based advocacy and education on liberty positions among Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) members and officials, various RPW-associated organizations, and the general public. The charter will also be working to recruit and elect to office candidates who support its stated principles.

“It’s important to ensure that the public is informed on issues and aware of how to make their voice heard in the political process,” said Jackie Johnson, newly elected Chair of the RLC-WI. “An informed and engaged electorate is essential in holding our elected officials accountable to their constituencies during their entire tenure in office, not just during campaign season.”

Johnson noted a growing frustration among citizens of all political persuasions in relationship to politicians who curry votes by making promises during election season, only to flip-flop or make excuses when the opportunity actually arises to stand by their party platform and make good on campaign rhetoric.

“A sound bite during election season is easy,” Johnson said. “It’s more difficult to stand for liberty when it means taking a tough vote or bucking pressure from party leaders. We need solid, principled statesmanship at all levels of government.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus is a voluntary 527 organization dedicated to grassroots efforts within the Republican Party to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and cooperative, voluntary markets. Founded in 1991, the national organization is the oldest continuously operating organization within the Republican liberty movement.


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