(Columbus, Ohio) May 3, 2016: The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio (RLCOH) calls on Governor Kasich to suspend his race for President and attend to his duties in Ohio.

Says RLCOH Chairman Bill Yarbrough, “Governor Kasich had a good case to make for plowing ahead through a contested convention. However, with Senator Cruz now suspending his campaign, the delegate math is irrefutable, and the financial and leadership costs of a Kasich campaign are no longer defensible. ”

The RLCOH cites a recent Columbus Dispatch article where excess overtime costs for the Governor’s security are now in excess of $80,000 – a burden borne by Ohio taxpayers. Further, Ohio’s bully pulpit has been empty for 9 months while the state GOP leader has travelled the country and important policy priorities have gone unattended.


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