Oklahoma City, OK: The national Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has officially recognized the Oklahoma Republican Liberty Caucus as their newest state chapter. The RLC’s organizational mission “is to recruit and endorse candidates who support the RLC’s agenda, elect limited government Republicans to political office, and change the direction of the Republican Party to reflect our vision of peace and prosperity.”

The Oklahoma RLC was chartered with 13 founding members, consisting of Republican Party chairmen, grassroots leaders, elected officials, and citizen activists from across the state.
Unanimously elected Oklahoma Chapter Chairman, Marven Goodman, currently serves as County Commissioner of Logan County District 1. Goodman stated, “Our goal in chartering this organization is to provide a place for like-minded Republicans who wish to help restore limited government politics to the Republican Party and return it to the principles of the freedom philosophy.”

Founding member, board member, and former state representative Charles Key commented, “The Republican Party has traditionally promoted the original principles of limited government as they are enumerated in The Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. But increasingly, Republican Party leaders and elected officials only give lip service to those principles as they vote and work against them. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE! The Republican Liberty Caucus seeks to expose and change that by focusing on what made America great – liberty, limited government, and the rule of law.”

Republican Liberty Caucus national Chairman Matt Nye said, “We welcome the Oklahoma Charter to the RLC. The founders of this charter are impressive people, and we’re grateful they have chosen to use their considerable experience and talents to continue the fight for liberty.”

Membership is available to registered Republicans. Additional information about the Oklahoma Republican Liberty Caucus may be found at www.OKRLC.org.


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