Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio becomes 41st State Affiliate

(Columbus, Ohio)  June 3, 2015:  The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is pleased to announce the approval of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio’s (RLCOH) charter application, making it the 41st official state affiliate of the RLC. 

“The Republican Liberty Caucus is an important grassroots organization that advocates for liberty at all levels of government,” said US Rep. Thomas Massie (R- KY). “Before I ran for Congress, I was honored to receive their endorsement in my local race for County Judge Executive. Ohioans will benefit from having a liberty watchdog at every level of government.”

“Our focus will be education, both within the Republican Party and to the voters of Ohio,” said Bill Yarbrough, newly elected Chair of The RLCOH.  The voters deserve to know what they are getting for their votes, and we will be providing them with that information. In turn, our elected officials have a responsibility to answer to their constituents, and we plan on holding them to that. We will also work to identify, recruit, and support Republican Party candidates for political office at all levels of government in this state who embrace these principles and hold them accountable after they are elected. ”


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