The RLC of Houston’s John Baucum has won election as Chairman of the Texas Young Republicans Federation. He is expected to continue moving the YRs and the Party as a whole towards Liberty.

(CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – August 16th, 2015) – This weekend while many here in Texas were celebrating Ron Paul’s birthday with Judge Napolitano and Tom Woods, John Baucum of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Houston was hitting it big in Corpus Christi at the Young Republicans of Texas statewide convention where he ended up elected as their State Chairman.

John has been a tireless activist for liberty who has worked with the RLC and Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition and lobbied the legislature on various issues of concern to RLC members. Super Activist Corie Whalen Stephens describes him as “the perfect person to grow an inclusive and forward-thinking GOP.”

The Texas YRs have made a mark in recent years for leading the party on Liberty issues and have worked closely with the RLC in Houston and statewide. They made news last year for endorsing the legalization of same sex marriage and fighting to make the party platform more inclusive.

Under John’s leadership we can expect to find them a powerful ally in the fight to reform the party platform and promote Liberty in the state and nationwide.


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