Liberty Index Overview

Created by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Arizona, the 2018 Liberty Index is a liberty-focused legislative scorecard for Arizona’s state legislators. The scorecard consists largely of bills from the 2018 legislative session. However, a handful of significant bills from the 2017 session were included to ensure legislators’ scores are consistent, accurate and relevant. The Liberty Index scores legislators on 20 pivotal bills selected by the RLC that either advance liberty or diminish liberty. Green bills are pro-liberty bills supported by the RLC. Red bills are anti-liberty bills opposed by the RLC.

A handful of good bills introduced during the 2018 session did not get a floor vote. The RLC has selected five of these pro-liberty bills and awards bonus points to legislators who cosponsored these bills. This serves as a reward/incentive for legislators to support similar pieces of legislation in future sessions.


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