Americans for Prosperity held a confused press conference today slamming the free market solar initiative the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida is a founding supporter of. Members of the RLC  and its lobbying firm Liberty First Network have thoroughly analyzed the ballot initiative and found it to be free of any subsidies or government favoritism.

The Floridians for Solar Choice Amendment simply expands customer choice by removing government-imposed regulations that currently make it illegal for anyone other than the power companies (Duke, FPL, etc.) to buy and sell solar energy.

According to the Floiridians for Solar Choice web site, “this ballot initiative has nothing to do with subsidies or handouts for the solar industry. This initiative will not create any subsidies, incentives, mandates, or tax breaks for solar companies, solar customers, or anyone else. There is nothing in the language to suggest otherwise. The initiative doesn’t require the State of Florida to spend any taxpayer dollars to prop up solar energy. AFP is confusing this initiative with other issues that aren’t relevant to this ballot initiative.”

You can read Liberty First Network​’s new in-depth analysis of the proposed Amendment here. Read Floridians for Solar Choice’s Fact vs. Fiction page here. For more information visit or print and sign the petition below.

Florida Constitutional Amendment Petition Form


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