Today is one for the books. Not because of enormous victories, but of small victories reassuring us that our ground game is working and that the liberty movement is alive and well. Rand Paul decimated his two primary opponents while Thomas Massie coasted to the general election unopposed. That’s not all, the Audit the Fed bill, HJR24, passed its committee hurdle. Next stop: the House floor.

Though we wish Rand was our next president, we’re equally as happy to see him cruising back to the Senate where he’s been nothing short of a stalwart for libertarianism. With his unstoppable filibusters, and knack for policy, Paul has been a force to be reckoned within the Senate and made clear today that he won’t be going anywhere. Today isn’t just a reassurance to liberty, but more of an eye opening look that when liberty Republicans win – everyone rallies behind them. Like it or not, the fact that even the Republican establishment has been willing to help him get reelected shows a lighter side compared to the mistreatment many libertarians have received inside the GOP.

Thomas Massie shows us another valid point with his victory, when you listen to your constituents – no one even bothers to run against you. It goes to show that working within the Republican Party is the strongest option for limiting the government – we not only elect principled members but by sticking together we win by enormous margins again and again. Massie recently made a plea for Republicans standing on the edge of leaving and we couldn’t agree with him more. If you leave the GOP, you’re abandoning a bloc of principled libertarian Republicans who not only have solid voting records but coast to reelection, for not even one elected official (yes, we’re talking to you Libertarian Party). Don’t leave Massie and Rand behind because you can’t deal with the Republican Party – get involved, stick around and win by a lot. We’ll stand with you every step of the way.

And without these two folk heroes, we wouldn’t be able to exclaim how the Audit the Fed bill passed the House Oversight Committee today. Thanks to their diligence and resilience on the issue, Audit the Fed will come back to a floor vote in the near future and eventually the Senate. Pete Schroeder from the Hill stated that “Tuesday’s mark-up showed that the Audit the Fed movement remains alive and well within Congress”. Make sure you find and then contact your Representative to ensure it passes once more.

Congratulations to our endorsed candidates and onward to victory in November.

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