MELBOURNE, FL – The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is asking all members and supporters to attend the nationwide rallies in support of the Second Amendment, hosted by the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans.

The rallies are scheduled to take place in every state capitol simultaneously at 2pm EDT on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

“Our second amendment rights are clearly under attack in the wake of the Parkland shooting,” said Matt Nye, RLC National Chair. “Despite the repeated claims that ‘no one is coming for your guns’ and ‘no one is going to get rid of the Second Amendment’, the number of individuals and groups pushing for those very things is growing at an alarming rate.”

At the recent “March for Our Lives”, an anti-gun speaker proudly exclaimed that if given an inch, they would take a mile. A former United States Supreme Court Justice has called for the outright repeal of the Second Amendment. Florida has passed a bill increasing the minimum age to purchase a rifle to 21 and imposing a three-day waiting period for all gun sales.

“School officials and law enforcement had numerous opportunities to prevent the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School from unfolding, yet they failed to act,” Nye said. “The idea that more government intervention is the answer – that we should punish law-abiding gun-owners for the failures of government bureaucrats, law enforcement and the sins of a psychotic killer – is simply perverse.”

“We must show our support for the Second Amendment and the Constitution, while educating others about them,” Nye said. “We hope you will join us at your state capitol to do both on April 14th – complacency is not an option.”

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