YAL’s Operation Win at the Door is on fire, with 8 total victories made possible by activists knocking on doors for candidates that advocate for liberty values.

Our door knockers are the reason we have liberty legislators elected to restore the Republic and restore our Constitutional rights. These candidates advocate for a limited central government, lower taxes, and a sober foreign policy.

YAL is happy to offer this opportunity to the RLC network to work together in ensuring our individual liberties are protected. If you are ready to get in on the action and fight the good fight for liberty then apply right now to become an Election Coordinator.

c4 application

As an Election Coordinator for YAL, you will be working full time to take our message directly to the voters. Your background in recruiting will be put to the test as we flood the district and mobilize voters to support endorsed candidates. In exchange for your work, you will receive:
$2,000 Compensation
100% Free Housing
Gas Reimbursements
And even the occasional meal and bonus opportunities
Imagine the day when we have a full liberty caucus and are passing legislation that will restore privacy rights or ensure free speech is upheld on every public college campus. YOU will be responsible for that!

There isn’t a moment to wait, apply right now to join YAL’s Operation Win at the Door team as an Election Coordinator and #MakeLibertyWin with us!


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