Written by Walter Jones

“The people are frustrated and are concerned with the direction in which our country is heading. The federal debt is now over $19 trillion. If America doesn’t get that debt under control, the economic outlook is bleak. That’s why I’m so outspoken against the party leaders on both sides of the aisle who’ve cut these bad deals to continue the wasteful spending in Washington. Since 2004, I’m the only congressman to vote against every increase in the debt limit, and every debt-filled budget bill. And over that time, I’ve voted against more spending bills than all but one other GOP member of Congress. I’ll continue to vote that way because I truly believe our economic future depends on it.

We don’t need another rubber stamp to vote for the bad, back room deals cut by special interests and party leaders in Washington. We need a voice for liberty to fight the big spenders in Washington, not join them – I have been that voice. I voted against the Wall Street bailouts and Obamacare because of the detriment they caused to taxpayers. I have fought the Establishment and Washington Elite to do what is right for the people of the 3rd District, including leading the charge to evict John Boehner from the Speakership.

As always, taking care of our veterans and active duty service members is my top priority. We made a promise to them and it is our responsibility to make good on that promise. This is why I have cosponsored more bills to help our veterans and active duty service members than any other member of Congress over the last three years.

We need to return this country to the Constitutional values upon which it was founded. We have gotten away from these critical values and principles. I will continue to be a staunch defender of the Constitution because without them, this country is headed for collapse.”

Walter Jones is a congressmen running for re-election in North Carolina’s 3rd District. He is a member of the House Liberty Caucus and is a staunch opponent of the Iraq War and military interventionism. For more information about his campaign visit http://www.walterjonescommittee.com/ or follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/WalterJones2016