It has come to our attention that a former member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado created a Facebook post on Tuesday that insinuated that the recent mass shooting in Boulder was part of a “Marxist conspiracy.” Our organization does not condone that characterization and we unequivocally disavow this poorly-conceived, horribly-timed post.

Despite the fact that a phone number and contact information are included on our website as well as all communications with the press, Marianne Goodland, journalist for Colorado Politics and the Denver Gazette made no effort to contact Sue Moore, Chairman of RLCCO.  “To say that this was a calculated misrepresentation of our organization would be an understatement”, says Moore. “Furthermore, Ms. Goodland claims that the post was ‘unsigned.’ That is another falsehood,” Moore continues.

We are deeply saddened by the events that happened in Boulder and find it extremely unprofessional that a journalist with Ms. Goodland’s experience would seek to attack our organization on the basis of a single Facebook post from a former member without substantiation.  

We will continue our work of holding Republicans accountable to conservative principles in Colorado via the Liberty Scorecard <>.

For more information, please contact Sue Moore, Chairman RLCCO at 303-349-6185


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