A political party is made up of people. Change the people, change the party.

As we build the liberty-minded political climate in Ohio, we need to organize. Many have been doing this for years and now it is time to take it to the next level. One way to level up on liberty outreach is through the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio. This organization was founded in Ohio in 2015, nationally in 1991.

What is the Ohio Republican Liberty Caucus?
The Ohio Republican Liberty Caucus supports individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise.  These are the principles that drive the RLC.  The goal is to make those the principles that drive the Ohio Republican Party as a whole.  To achieve this goal, we need committed people willing to get involved in politics at the local level to make a change from the bottom up.

The Ohio Republican Liberty Caucus is committed to teaching liberty-minded Republicans how to best to become involved the Republican Party and help guide the change to a political party based on principle. We need people all over the state that agree we should govern by these principles in positions that will make a difference.

One major goal of the Republican Liberty Caucus in Ohio is to organize at the local/county level. This is being done by forming RLC Affiliate groups.

What are RLC Local Affiliates?
Republican Liberty Caucus Local Affiliates are county or regional levels of the Ohio Republican Liberty Caucus. The local affiliates will focus on getting liberty-minded people involved in politics through the County Central Committees, educating voters, influence public policy, elected officials, and candidates for public office at the local level.

If you are interested in learning more about the RLC Affiliate program, join the conference call happening, Thursday, May 18th at 8:00pm.

This call will teach you about the Republican Liberty Caucus, the steps to start a county affiliate and the support tools that the Republican Liberty Caucus can provide to help you educate, recruit and change your county.

 Register for the Republican Liberty Caucus County Affiliate Conference Call here – https://goo.gl/forms/RMpsCDpu92SML3ZH3