On 6/24 at the Free State Project’s 14th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest), the Republican Liberty Caucus conducted a 2020 Presidential straw poll for all willing attendees.

The straw poll was conducted exactly like it’s predecessor at the 2015 RLC National Convention in Nashua using not only traditional plurality voting, but approval voting and a rating from 1-5 for any of the listed candidates.

All voters were asked the question, “If the U.S. presidential election was held today…”
1. Which one candidate would you vote for?
2. Which candidates would you vote for if you could vote for as many as you wanted?
3. How would you rate each candidate? (not rating a candidate is equivalent to a 0 rating)

The ballot included the following candidates listed in alphabetical order: Congressman Justin Amash, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, Iraq War Veteran Adam Kokesh, Businessman John McAfee, Congressman Thomas Massie, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senator Rand Paul, Radio Host Darryl W. Perry, Businessman Austin Petersen, President Donald Trump, Write-In, None of the Above

Official results of 1 (plurality):

Rand Paul with 24.3%, Darryl W. Perry with 13%, Patrick Byrne with 10.4%, Andrew Napolitano, John McAfee and Donald Trump tied with 7.8%, None of the Above with 6.5%, Justin Amash with 5.2%, Adam Kokesh with 3.9%, Austin Petersen, Thomas Massie, and Write-Ins Ron Paul, Roger Paxton and Will Coley tied with 2.6%.

Official results of 2 (approval voting):

Rand Paul with 55.8%, Andrew Napolitano with 50.6%, John McAfee with 41.6%, Justin Amash with 40.3%, Patrick Byrne with 36.4%, Darryl W. Perry and Adam Kokesh tied with 29.9%, Thomas Massie and Austin Petersen tied with 22.1%, None of the Above with 13%, Donald Trump with 9.1%, Write-In Ron Paul with 3.9%, Write-In Will Coley with 2.6% and Write-Ins Roger Paxton, Edward Snowden, Jesse Ventura, Gary Johnson each with 1.3%.

Official results of 3 (rating 1-5):

Rand Paul with 135.5%, Andrew Napolitano with 117%, John McAfee with 99.5%, Patrick Byrne with 94.5%, Darryl W. Perry with 93%, Adam Kokesh with 88.5%, Justin Amash with 81%, Austin Petersen with 80.5%, Thomas Massie with 75%, and Donald Trump with 67%.

*We did not receive sufficient data/votes for None of the Above or any of the Write-In candidates, therefore they were not given a rating on question three (3) or an overall score below.

Overall Score (1-3)
1. Rand Paul
2. Andrew Napolitano
3. John McAfee
4. Patrick Byrne
5. Darryl W. Perry
6. Justin Amash
7. Adam Kokesh
8. Austin Petersen
8. Donald Trump
10. Thomas Massie

To learn more about Approval Voting, please visit: http://approvalvotingusa.org/
To learn more about Porcfest or the Free State Project, please visit: https://freestateproject.org/


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