RIDGEFIELD, CT – Last week a group of young liberty activists met in Ridgefield and agreed to form a Connecticut charter of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Interest in the organization was strong with many members joining for the first time and committing to moving the Republican Party in Connecticut toward liberty.

“I’m very excited to finally have an RLC state charter in Connecticut with young but experienced leadership,” said Keith Velia, long time RLC State Coordinator for the state.

Velia is a member of the Republican Town Committee for Ridgefield, a CPA and has an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

“This coupled with the start of a new chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party make this a perfect time for advocating for our founding principles of liberty within the CT Republican Party in order to expand the party base, particularly with younger voters,” Velia said.

The new chapter elected an initial board with Timothy John Simons as Chairman, Brian Patrick Pryor as Vice Chairman, Addison Nix as Secretary and Keith Velia as Treasurer. Most of the members are recent college graduates who were part of the Young Americans for Liberty group. They are very politically active, and plan to use the RLC as an outlet to advocate for liberty within the Republican Party.

“As a long time resident of Connecticut and a recent ‘graduate’ of Young Americans for Liberty, I see the RLC as the natural next step in advancing liberty within the state,” said Chairman Timothy Simmons. “I’m excited to work with like minded people who are similarly motivated to make this a reality.”

The new Connecticut charter is part of an effort led by Northeast Regional Director Russ Hryzan to expand the presence of the Republican Liberty Caucus in New England and add new charters to our well established groups in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

“We’re very excited to see the state of Connecticut chartered,” said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “North East Regional Director Russ Hryzan is doing a fantastic job of getting the northeastern states organized, and I applaud his efforts.”

Contact: Timothy Simmons, CT Chairman (timsimons32-at-yahoo.com)


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