Ohio Candidate Liberty Index

March 2016 Republican Primary Scorecard


The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio (RLCOH) Candidates Committee and Board thoroughly debated candidates this election cycle and take pride in the fact that recommendations and endorsements are difficult to obtain.  Only the most principled candidates are recognized for their adherence to liberty values.

The RLCOH sent 150 candidate surveys to Republican legislative candidates on the ballot in the March 2016 primary.  This survey offered an opportunity to request the following consideration:

Recommendation: Candidate survey responses, live interview responses, and/or voting record on-balance further the stated values of the RLCOH.

Recommendation and Endorsement: Candidate survey responses, live interview responses, and/or voting record represent the model of a liberty legislator and the standard by which we measure adherence to liberty principles in the Ohio legislature.

The lack of a listing here may be the result of not responding to our survey or responding to the survey or interview unsatisfactorily. Nothing on this site has been authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Ohio Senate

Recommended and Endorsed:

·        (none)


·         Joseph Ebbing (SD4) – LOST

·        Barbara Temple (SD6) – LOST

·        John Adams (SD12) – LOST

·        Randy Law (SD32) – LOST

Ohio House

Recommended and Endorsed:

·        Thomas Brinkman (HD27)  – WON

·        Beth Lear (HD68) – LOST

·        Chris Sawicki (HD69) – LOST

·        Jim Lutz (HD75) – WON

·        Wesley Goodman (HD87) – WON


·        John Rush (HD17) – WON

·        Bill Seitz (HD30) – WON

·        Matthew Wahlert (HD32) – WON

·        Dianna Skaff (HD46) – WON

·        Candice Keller (HD53) – WON

·        Dick Stein (HD57) – WON

·        Don Manning (HD59) – WON

·        Ray Warrick (HD62) – LOST

·        John Becker (HD65) – WON

·        Andrew Brenner (HD67) – WON

·        W Myles Bancroft (HD68) – LOST

·        Ron Hood (HD78) – WON

·        Nino Vitale (HD85) – WON


Please join the RLCOH and email the committee with any questions at candidatereview@rlcoh.org. Ohioans need you to choose the best candidates for your freedoms and for your money in our great state of Ohio.