Officers & Board Members

The Republican Liberty Caucus is divided into eight regions. The board is comprised of 15 individuals, the breakdown of which is as follows:

  • Officers (4)
  • At Large Board Members (3)
  • Regional Directors (8)

Contact information for each of the current sitting board members is listed below.

Chair Matt Nye FL 866-752-5423 x101
Vice Chair Ed Lopez-Reyes CT 866-752-5423 x102    
Treasurer Eric Miller FL 866-752-5423 x103   
Secretary Laura Ebke NE 866-752-5423 x104
At Large Board Members
Seat 1 Sandi Belzer-Brendale WA 866-752-5423 x105
Seat 2 Jason Robinson ID 866-752-5423 x106
Seat 3 Levi Lippincott NE 866-752-5423 x107
Regional Directors
North East Russ Hryzan RI 866-752-5423 x108
Atlantic Stephanie Butcher WV 866-752-5423 x109
South East Steve Hoffman SC 866-752-5423 x110
Central Saul Anuzis MI 866-752-5423 x111
Great Plains Tony Kirk MO 866-752-5423 x112
South Central Dave Nalle TX 866-752-5423 x113
North West Cornel Rasor ID 866-752-5423 x114
South West Matt Heath CA 866-752-5423 x115
Alternate Board Members
Alternate 1 Robert Kenyon VA 866-752-5423 x116  
Alternate 2 Marie Lopez-Reyes CT 866-752-5423 x117    
Alternate 3 Aaron Day NH 866-752-5423 x118