Send Rand Paul Reinforcements and Vote for Austin Petersen

Today is primary day in Missouri. Voters are hitting the polls to decide who will be the Republican nominee and take on incumbent Claire McCaskill in November. The people have two clear choices, to nominate a ladder-climbing and philosophically illiterate politician like Josh Hawley, or a principled and seasoned grassroots leader like Austin Petersen.

Rules for Radicals: A Liberty Republican at FreedomFest

By Lee Evan Nehr

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses John Mills For Congressional District 1 in Florida

Melbourne, FL - The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has endorsed John Mills for Florida Congressional District 1.

"The RLC is pleased to endorse John Mills for Florida Congressional District 1," said Matt Nye, Republican Liberty Caucus National Chairman. "John Mills’ dedication to the ideals of liberty is just what we need in the US House of Representatives."

The RLC endorsement of John Mills was made through a two-stage process. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida screened John Mills' candidacy first, and then recommended endorsement to the RLC National Board.

Arizona RLC 2018 Legislative Scorecard

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