Help elect the next Justin Amash!

YAL's Operation Win at the Door is on fire, with 8 total victories made possible by activists knocking on doors for candidates that advocate for liberty values.

Our door knockers are the reason we have liberty legislators elected to restore the Republic and restore our Constitutional rights. These candidates advocate for a limited central government, lower taxes, and a sober foreign policy.

Republican Liberty Caucus Joins YAL for Annual Conference

Reston, VA - The Republican Liberty Caucus team joined Young Americans for Liberty at their annual conference in Reston VA, July 25th thru July 29th. Over 1,000 students applied to attend this invite only event and of them 435 were in attendance. While there students were involved in classes all day and guest speakers including: Matt Kibbe, Representative Justin Amash, Representative Thomas Massie, John Stossel, Senator Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano and concluded with former Congressman Ron Paul and Fox Business anchor Kennedy.

Representative Walter Jones Becomes Member of Republican Liberty Caucus

Washington DC- During a visit to the nation's capitol, Republican Liberty Caucus executive director, Alex Snitker presented Representative Walter Jones with an RLC Honorary Membership.

Representative Jones has been a long time advocate for liberty in the US House of Representatives and has been endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus in years past. In the sit-down meeting, a team from the Republican Liberty Caucus lead by our executive director spoke to the Congressman about the political climate in Washington DC and how our organization can work with his office in the future.

Send Rand Paul Reinforcements and Vote for Austin Petersen

Today is primary day in Missouri. Voters are hitting the polls to decide who will be the Republican nominee and take on incumbent Claire McCaskill in November. The people have two clear choices, to nominate a ladder-climbing and philosophically illiterate politician like Josh Hawley, or a principled and seasoned grassroots leader like Austin Petersen.