Current Abortion Position Statement


There has been much discussion since convention about the RLC's position on abortion. Below is the currently worded position. Our position has been "neutral" since the organization was created in 1991. Position statements, per bylaws, can only be amended at convention. If you would like to see the position on abortion modified, please make your best case for your proposed change in this forum.

"Abortion is a critical life and death choice for every pregnant woman. Whether government should intervene to influence that choice is dependent on the legal status of the fetus. We acknowledge that there can be honest and ethical differences of opinion on that status, the rights of the woman, and the proper role of government. We favor civil discussion of this question, but take no position on the merits of conflicting legal, ethical, and religious viewpoints on either side. We oppose any allocation of government funds or resources to facilitate abortions, advocate in the public discussion, or to jeopardize the right of any woman to defend her own life and health. We support a resolution of this issue through the proper judicial and legislative channels specified in the Constitution."