RLC Endorses Hill in Colorado for US Senate

DENVER, CO - The Republican Liberty Caucus today announced its endorsement of state senator, Owen Hill (R, Colorado Springs) for the Colorado Republican Party nomination for US Senate in 2014.

“A window of opportunity has opened for the Republican Party. Young people and independents are dissatisfied with broken promises, a failed takeover of our healthcare choices and the ongoing assaults on privacy and personal freedoms”, said RLC National Chairman Matt Nye. “Owen Hill is a great example of the kind of Republican who can win these voters. If we are willing to choose a fresh candidate who can present ideas rooted in liberty that address the concerns of voters across the political spectrum we can win competitive seats.”

The nation is well aware that Colorado voters recently removed three state senators and defeated a massive tax increase in a rejection of government over reach. Colorado can continue to lead the way by sending a vocal champion for individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise to the US Senate. In the Colorado Senate, Owen Hill is a defender of basic constitutional rights, an advocate for the tenth amendment and dynamic fighter for tax cuts.

Senator Hill is taking governance into the 21st century. He will use social media to present his reasoning for every “Aye” vote he casts in the next legislative session. The Republican Liberty Caucus fully supports Hill’s innovative initiative to improve accountability and transparency in Colorado. If other elected officials follow his lead, it will improve the quality of the legislature’s work and benefit the people of Colorado by bringing us closer to the process.

RLC Colorado member and Monument resident Tiffiney Upchurch voiced her support of Hill: “Sen. Hill is a longtime friend of liberty who understands the issues that all Coloradans care about. His biography speaks volumes about his patriotism and his belief that we make the world better by voluntary actions rather than the force of government. He has put his whole effort into the issues he cares deeply about. People identify with that kind of integrity.”

Dr. Owen Hill is the choice of liberty activists to represent Colorado Springs in the state senate. Today he is the choice of liberty activists to represent Colorado in the US Senate. He proudly received Dr. Ron Paul's endorsement and the RLC concurs that he is the candidate to carry the message of freedom for Colorado in 2014.